About us

Briggs Foundation is a non-profit 501c organization which was started with the idea of solving global hunger, making disciples and community empowerment as the recipe to solve global poverty and reach more people with the love of Christ. This concept was born in 2017 when we began exploring ways to create sustainable communities while making disciples.

815 million people are experiencing serious hunger and lack information on how to provide food for their family and community. The people experiencing serious hunger will increase to 2 Billion by 2050 if steps are not taken to address the problem now. 85% of this group of people are in Africa.

Evangelizing cities and rural communities are increasingly challenging as the demographics are changing and globalization is creeping in. Medical mission and other mission interventions are usually spontaneous and temporary lasting a few hours to a couple of weeks, leaving the community without sustainable provision after they have been evangelized. Our model of evangelization involves intentional community discipleship with community empowerment.

Briggs Foundation is designed to bridge the gap between making disciples and thriving Communities through sustainable empowerment.

The Briggs Foundation have been created to solve these problems by making disciples and provide communal empowerment and so alleviating hunger one community at a time.

United Nations Zero Hunger Challenge was started with the intention for a future where every person has adequate nutrition.

The Zero hunger challenge involve having no stunted children, access to adequate food, sustainable food systems, increase in smallholder productivity and zero food waste. This challenge include investment in agriculture, rural development and equality of opportunity to help to eradicate hunger. We chose the former with our criteria for selection.

This challenge promotes different strategies and cooperation in order to strive for results that combat hunger.

Our Pillars

At Briggs Foundation, our values are essential to who we are and how we approach our work. We strive to the elimination of hunger around the world and to provide free housing for all. We are commited to do this work in alignment to our core pillars:

  • Vision: To Make Disciples

  • Dream: create sustainable community economy

  • Food: Alleviate hunger poverty and ignorance

  • Health: Meet basic health needs through education on preventive care

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