How We Do It

After an evangelistic outreach our converts are divided into small groups with emphasis on proximity and shared interests. They will have cell groups and they all fellowship together. Twelve of the converts will then be selected with emphasis on family heads. The twelve of them will volunteer to enroll in Discipleship class forming a Community of Disciples COD.

The twelve who volunteer to start Discipleship class will be thoroughly trained for 6 months full time with some stipend. Their training will include Salvation, Holy Spirit, Who Am I in Christ, Total love, Commands of Christ, demonology, Christian Ethics, eschatology, Money management and basic Health care. Briggs Foundation will provide the books. Any illiterate will be trained orally. The twelve will depend on each other until the bond is very strong. Jealousy, backbiting, gossip and other common vices that break friendships will be totally eliminated; negotiation techniques will be taught. They will be taught to be open each other and not discriminate or despise each other. They will teach their entire after classes and practice what they are taught. They will be a strong united community with very clear understanding of how and why the Lord want to love one another. Certificate will be issued after the training and a graduation ceremony will be held.

After graduating from the discipleship class, they will be enrolled into short term trade class. The trade classes will be farming, Animal husbandry, fishery, Poultry, Bakery and transportation and allied industries. This program will generally last about 4 months. Our Disciples will continue to get stipend during this training period.

After the trade training Briggs Foundation will provide tools and consultations needed to start work in the industry of the Disciples community choice. Each community will together develop one industry. Our first Community of Disciples COD will develop a farm and others will go into the area of each COD interest. All our trade trainings will be food production and related industry. It is expected that each COD will have about 72 family members including wives and children.

10% of the revenue generated by the disciples will be put in a common purse to fund another COD. Our goal is to raise 100 COD by 2020 reaching 700 Disciples and in 10 years to make 200,000 Disciples, who will in turn provide food security for 10 million people. These are people that will be in love with each other, full of faith that will be properly taught to make disciples from the early stage of conversion.

There will be annual COD meetings to support the program and alleviate hunger and poverty around the world.

There will be a full-time missionary trainer to take on the different aspects of the discipleship curriculum. The local government may help in trade training in some cases.   

Discipleship for Global Hunger solution Model

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