Solving Global Hunger

Making disciples and community empowerment as the recipe to solve global poverty and reaching more people with the Love of Christ

Briggs Foundation is designed to bridge the gap between making disciples and thriving Communities through sustainable empowerment.  


Briggs Foundation is a non-profit 501c organization which was started with the idea of solving global hunger, making disciples and community empowerment as the recipe to solve global poverty and reach more people with the love of Christ. This concept was born in 2017 when we began exploring ways to create sustainable communities while making disciples.

815 million people are experiencing serious hunger and lack information on how to provide food for their family and community. The people experiencing serious hunger will increase to 2 Billion by 2050 if steps are not taken to address the problem now. 85% of this group of people are in Africa.  


 Dr. Sotonye Briggs 

Founder, is a physician by training. Graduated in 1985 from University of Benin and University of Benin Teaching Hospital. Click Here to Know more ...

Mrs. Ruth Briggs 

Chairperson and Global Evangelist Is a Registered Nurse with an MBA and has been Administrator for Assist Med for over twenty years. Click Here to Know more ...

Ms. Boma Briggs 

Briggs President, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from Middlesex University London. Click Here to know more...

Mr. Tari Briggs 

holds a Bachelors in Designs and Fine Arts University of Houston Texas with emphasis on Human and Architectural style works. Click Here to Know More...

How We Do It

After an evangelistic outreach our converts are divided into small groups with emphasis on proximity and shared interests. They will have cell groups and they all fellowship together. Twelve of the converts will then be selected with emphasis on family heads. The twelve of them will volunteer to enroll in Discipleship class forming a Community of Disciples COD.

More Affordable Houses

Briggs Foundation partners with volunteers all over the world to build a stable home and brighter futures for the most in need.

We encourage to participate in this program. Click Details to know more...

Our school

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