Dr. Sotonye Briggs

is a physician by training. Graduated in 1985 from University of Benin and University of Benin Teaching Hospital. After serving with the military hospital in Jos Nigeria as a senior medical officer he was appointed to care for HIVAIDS patients and assist in research by the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami Florida. This position he held until 1993 when he started his entrepreneurial venture by starting his private healthcare corporations in Miami and the later in Houston Texas. He is Director of a couple of Healthcare companies and Chairman of many organizations Christian and indigenous groups. He has been involved in many medical mission trips to Africa and the Caribbean’s since 2001. He found that after evangelizing and making disciples the converts were left without further help most of them poor facing serious hunger, health and ignorance related hardships that are easily solvable through trainings and small financial assistance. As chairman of a number of other companies including Healthcare and other enterprises, he thought resources to alleviate hunger and hardship are available but not harnessed and channeled to reach the desired recipients. He is President of a 22-year-old health outfit Assist Med Inc with over 600 employees based in South Texas with Headquarters in Houston Texas USA. He is an associate Pastor with Church of the Nations Church in Houston Texas and has held that position for over ten years. 

Chairperson and Global Evangelist                                                                                                                       

Mrs. Ruth Briggs

Is a Registered Nurse with an MBA and has been Administrator for Assist Med for over twenty years. She has been to many medical missions’ trips in Africa and has strong evangelistic gifting that draw people into the kingdom of God making disciples. She is a teacher and a conference speaker. She is the Chairperson of the Foundation’s evangelical arm of the.


Ms. Boma Briggs 

holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from Middlesex University London. She is a talented fluent communicator a local radio personality a designer and IT enthusiast. She is the Communications director for the Foundation. She attended a couple of medical missions’ trips to Africa. She will interface with the people and communicate matters relating to the Foundation.

Publicity Director

Mr. Tari Briggs 

Mr. Tari Briggs holds a Bachelors in Designs and Fine Arts University of Houston Texas with emphasis on Human and Architectural style works. Currently doing his Masters Program in Home Designs and Construction Management. He is the Publicity Director. He handles corporate meetings fund raisings and business developmental programs.  

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